I did freelance on and off with environment concept art for this title "Verona" by Prior Entertainment (the same dudes who I worked with on for Sine mora!) for 2 years. Unfortunately the game lost its funding and got cancelled. I hope that it one day gets to be realized! In the meantime have a look at the concept art.. its a pretty big post, so be patient and scroll down :) 

Pitch image made for a presentation. Modo was used to layout & render the ship & liberty statue 3d models, then photoshop to paint over.

This was a stage set in a abandoned Gulliver-themed theme park. (That actually exists!)

Some composition sketches made before painting the Gulliver stage.

This one was first modelled in 3D, and then painted over. Took a long time to figure out a good setup with the replicators.

Slum area of Verona City

Rich area of Verona City

Moon base compositions blocked out in 3D.

Moon base - hangar. Modo & Photoshop.

Moon base Gravity Generator

Moon base - Office. Modo & Photoshop.

Moon base - Cold storage. Sketchup & Photoshop.

Moon base corridor module

Moon base - VIP Room

Modo & Photoshop

Early sketches of the GTD office

Getting closer to a final look on the GTD office

I also started designing and making the backgrounds that were supposed to be used in the level selection/briefing part of the game. It didnt all get completed, but here is a sample of some rooms.. they were all in one PSD of the ship and it was huge!!