This is a personal project of mine and I plan to continue adding stuff to this page, more in depth production concepts, 3D sketching etc,  to expand the universe. 

Battleship M/S Pelican on its way home from a encounter.

I have been working on some suggestions for the small attack / escort ships. I want them to be amphibic, to be able to land on water as I plan to have the story set around a few islands in the ocean. I want a steampunk retro-futuristic ww1 feel to the aircrafts. So, steam driven machines and guns are very primitive, basically just normal rifles / machine-guns mounted on the planes.

I decided to explore design suggestion nr #4 further here, and put it into a environment. It's very Porco Rosso inspired and a bit of Naausica with the ship. I love the idyllic Italian archipelago setting in Porco Rosso. This one was collaborated with the talented Hans "Hanzo" Steinbach, providing me with the foreground mechanic boy.