Lexus December to Remember

I was hired by Mirada Studios to do a big amount of preproduction idea sketches for the annual Lexus christmas commercials. There were going to be three different commercials, and they were going to have a bit of a fantastical fantasy theme, showing how the Lexus car gets delivered to you.


CONCEPT ART - Christmas train

In the first commercial, the Lexus was to be delivered in santa's train. They wanted the train to have a bit of a steampunk / art deco - larger then life feel to it. 

First page of explorations.

We also needed to design the wagon.

Trying different shapes based on nr 5 from the left page.

Here is what we finally settled for, together with some caboose and empty platform sections.

In the end, they came back to liking the nr 5 suggestion on the first page, so we decided to keep as much of that as possible and try to flesh out the design a bit.

Wagon explorations.

Here are some painted versions of the wagon.

Painted wagon.


For the magic box commercial they wanted Santa to deliver the car in this tiny box that would unfold and slowly build up into a car with a bit of a game of thrones feel to the transformation. I provided just a few quick idea sketches that were later further developed by a production artist. 

CONCEPT ART - Santa's Teleporter

Here the lexus was to be delivered by a teleport from Santa's workshop. I started off with producing loads of quick idea sketches. 

Did more suggestions and started refining some of them.

More variations, and they also wanted some suggestions for a controlpanel.

And what finally made it into the commercial was a variation of nr 1 you see here.