Good Game Empire

I worked as a Art Director and Concept Artist on three different TV ads for a game called Good Game Empire. The three different ads were "The Warrior King", "The Production King" and "The Alliance King".


Concept art - WARRIOR KING 

A style frame I did meant to help establish the overall lighting and layout for the first shot.

Early concept I did for the ending world map shot.

Early idea and mood sketches I did for the environment.

I designed and painted the Palanquin that the princess is sitting in. Here are some early idea sketches.

This castle was designed by talented Santiago Montiel, and roughly painted by me.

And a final concept of the palanquin that I painted, together with a shader package.



Town Wall concepts

Concept for when the town is being built up

Final Castle Design



Early explorations of the environment.

A lot of my work consisted of doing paint-overs and writing feedback.

Early explorations of the environment.

There was a TON of concept art done for this project, especially character art, hopefully respective artists will put it up in their portfolios for everyone to have a look at. It was a great and fun project to work on!

Client: GoodGame Studios ( ), Hamburg
Client Creatives: Anton Borkel, Philip Schumacher
Client Producer: Danilo Kloefer
Director: Abed Abo-Namous ( )
Art Director: Tony Holmsten ( )
Production Company: Flaunt Productions ( ), Glasgow
Executive Producer: Andrew Pearce
Producer: Bree Whitford
Head of CG: Ewan Wright
Head of Animation: Bruce Sutherland
Music: Wave Music | The Works ( , ), London
Music Producer: Nick Payne
Composers: Dan Corbin, Mike Austen

Created in Glasgow, 2014/15